Reviews for "Nocturnes and Requiems" (2017)


…It’s impossible to hear any of this without developing a healthy respect for Jake Dreyer. The man is a monster on the fret-board and his neo-classical style is like vintage Yngwie but with a more modern vibe…Nocturnes and Requiems is something pretty special and I recommend it highly.  4/5  For full review Click Here
Steel Druhm-Angry Metal Guy 2/7/2017


…A CD highlight if ever there was one, “End Of Time” showcased guitar work that was beyond superior and will prove that Jake Dreyer belongs in the same company as many of the world’s Neo-classical shredding masters…What a magnificent gift this was to us, the fans of Metal. Rest easy, Adam, for you and your band mates has come up with what could be one of the highlight releases of 2017.   9/10  Click Here for full review

Franco Cerchiari-Hard Rock Haven 1/31/2017


…There's much to mention and much to enjoy about this album. One is the terrific guitar work from Dreyer. You might call this a very guitar-centered album, with his riffs abundant and raging, his solos blazing. Yet the pleasure of his guitar composition comes more in the variety of guitar parts…Needless to say, Dreyer has the inspiration and talent for fine guitar work…Fundamentally, thanks to its many layers and textures, especially in the guitar parts and depth of arrangements, Witherfall's Nocturnes And Requiems is intriguing and enjoyable, even inspired, possibly to be called "thinking man's," progressive metal. Quite recommended.  5/5

For full review Click Here

Craig 1/28/2017



Reviews for "The Devil's Cut" (2013)

..."The key ingredients on 'The Devils Cut' are Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner, who bring a level of flash and musicality to the record that most bands would kill for."
Adrien Begrand - Terrorizer Magazine June 2013

..."It's in guitarists Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner, however, where White Wizzard truly start to live up to all that promise, as the duo brings a level of melody and flamboyance that the band sorely lacked..."
Adrien Begrand-Decibel Magazine 6/21/2013

"The guitar work of Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner are phenomenally inspiring throughout each song and can be compared to many of the guitar heroes of metal."
Callum Doig - June 2013

...Strike The Iron' is really a showcase for guitarists Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner though- the two get the opportunity to amaze with several face melting solos on this track. Torpedo of Truth'; Dreyer offers borderline apocalyptic runs on the latter song…. Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner dazzle at every turn with their soloing...
Avinash Mittur-Metal Assault 6/6/2013

..."Guitarists Will Wallner and Jake Dreyer should get the lion's share of attention for their exemplary riffing and solo parts- tackling everything from pure shred to exotic dynamics and as a result keeping your ears pinned for what to expect next."....
Anmeldt av Matt Coe - Eternal Terror Webzine 5/9/2013

Reviews for "In the Shadows of Madness" (2011)

"...Dreyer is ready to become the latest American guitar protege with his first solo-dubbed album 'In the Shadows of Madness."...In the not-so-distant future, expect to see Dreyer blowing the minds of an arena audience.
~ 7/26/11

"...In The Shadows of Madness" is not the work of your average guitar wanker. This is the work of a passionate, focused and determined musician. This album has a far more mature sound than you would expect to hear from a guitar player who has yet to turn 20. Jake Dreyer has all the potential and promise to be one of the next guitar gods of a new generation. Inspired by the greats before him such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman, Jake just may be one of the new generation to keep the magic, passion and excitement of instrument metal guitar music alive for the years to come.
~ thegreatsouthernbrainfart 7/11/11

...In the Shadows of Madness is an EP that is well worth experiencing. These three songs are easily some of the most impressive Metal instrumentals you will happen to find, and even some of the most impressive tracks for their styles you may hear compared to many of today's more popular artists.... If you have yet to hear Jake Dreyer, then take the time to experience this solo release, as it really is well worth looking into.
~ Apoch'sMetalReview - 6/23/11

"...Jake Dreyer's new, self-released EP, In the Shadows of Madness, reminds me very much of those old Shrapnel releases. And if, like me, you remember said albums with no small amount of fondness, you will probably enjoy the dude's CD. I mean, this is just pure guitar ridiculousness. And I mean that as a compliment. I wish I had a more articulate way to express how this EP sounds, but... nope, that's it. GUITAR RIDICULOUSNESS...."
~ Axl Rosenberg- 6/16/11


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